Invest in Slovakia

Slovakia is the ideal place for your investments.

Take advantage of all the benefits of running your business in Slovakia.

Slovakia offers numerous positive elements which bring numerous investors to locate or transfer their center of interest to our country.



  • strategic position that allows you to reach in a few hours’ different capitals;
  • growing infrastructure;
  • tax on dividends of 7%;
  • tax rate of 15% (on freelancers and limited liability companies with turnover under € 49.790),
  • tax rate of 21% (on freelancers and company with turnover above € 49.790),
  • low labor costs with a skilled workforce availability that offers the highest labor productivity in Europe.

Setting up a company can be a challenge. With our service you will create your company in a simple way and you can focus on your business without worries.


Set up your company

We will accompany you in all the necessary steps for setting up your company in Slovakia. Companies that trade with EU member states can run their business based in Slovakia and pay taxes according to local laws. An unlimited number of licenses can be acquired in Slovakia.

You will need to specify:

  • Business name of your company,
  • address of the registered office;
  • The object of business,
  • EU executive,
  • shareholders.



Sign documents  for setting up your company;

Registration at the business register office;

Opening a bank account;

Request an intra-community number by registering in VIES.



1 day for the establishment;

12 for registration at  business register;

30 days for the request for an intra-community VAT number.

Documents required:

  • identity card of the future owner and director of the company;
  • the extract from the criminal record of the future director of the company.


Residence in Slovakia

Those who reside in Slovakia for more than 90 days are required to report to one of these police offices with a document valid identity card (identity card or passport), to start the process of residence request.


Advantages of tax residency

As regards entrepreneurs, freelancers and workers employees obtaining tax residency will significantly affect the income taxation.

Tax residency is granted to those who have their own center in interests in Slovakia, demonstrable by physical presence in the country Slovak for a minimum of 183 days a year

Our professionals will take care of all the necessary procedures upon obtaining your Slovak residence.

We will collect the required documents, we will carry out the necessary translations, there

we will take care of all the bureaucratic and the presentation to the competent offices.


Business services

Purchase of existing companies – Ready Made

We are able to provide you with a list of new companies already established ready for sale, provided with their own VIES number


Outsourcing services

We offer various outsourcing services such as: profile and contact management of social network, promotion and marketing – content marketing related to management and creation of the contents of your site to increase visibility in network – blog management of your business to attract new customers – management of e-commerce websites with attention to advertising communication with related videos and images – creation and sending of promotional newsletters.


Registration of your vehicle

We will be able to provide you with all the services necessary for the registration of your vehicles whether they are new or used purchased in Slovakia or abroad. You we will also provide vehicle insurance (compulsory and helmet).


Teaching and translation

We offer our customers individual teaching of the English language, Italian, Slovak, French, Russian, Hungarian, German and Turkish. The lessons will be provided comfortably from home using skype platform or zoom. We also offer translation services in the languages ​​listed above.


Tips in tourism and gastronomy

As tourism and food enthusiasts, we will  recommend you places to visit, dishes to taste and accommodation facilities in which to stay.